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What Matters to You (WM2U) is an initiative focused on community-based systems change, collaborating with families in Dundee, Clackmannanshire, and East Ayrshire. 

System change involves altering the conditions that perpetuate problems, with a core focus on amplifying the voices of those with lived experiences. Our strategy begins by getting to know families in local communities to explore ways to address what truly matters to them. 

By focusing on relationships in communities, we aim to support a culture of trust and families truly feeling supported at the right time. 

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How do we create the best place to live for families in your community?

We want to truly understand what flexible support looks like for you and your family in your community. What do you want to see in your area for families that would help to avoid tough times? We all want the best for our children and families and together we can see change.

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We will be updating you on all of our activities regularly in our new item section of the website. So go there to check out what we've been up to.

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    Monday, May 6th 2024
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    What Matters to You with Lynn Hendry
    Monday, April 29th 2024
    Established in 2019 with the ambitious goal of reimagining public services by using voice as the guiding principle to inform transformation. What Matters to You (WM2U) - a partnership between The Hunter Foundation and BBC Children in Need, is on a learning journey to identify what it takes to enable children and families to flourish in their own communities Read the article What Matters to You with Lynn Hendry
  • Codifying Report
    Lessons in Systematic Change
    Monday, April 22nd 2024
    With a central focus on amplifying the voices of families and shifting power, our deepening understanding of the key components that make positive change possible is explored in our latest paper, Voice-led Community-based Systems Change: Codifying our Learning to Support Scale Read the article Lessons in Systematic Change
Your experience of WM2U

Whenever anybody asks me what my personal journey was like with it, I really cannae describe it.    …I know I had one, but it’s hard to describe….

With my daughter we have come on so much. The difference is our relationship is amazing. In the beginning it was the school I had approached about (her). I thought something was happening and I needed help. The school made me feel like it was my fault. When I started the Columba group there was no judgement there, just understanding and kindness. They have just been there all the time when I needed anybody, and I think it is great.