Our reports

Our Reports

WM2U is a live and dynamic approach, that recognises the complexity of the issues and involves multiple stakeholders in learning. Given our perspective on system change, we view the emergence of more relational and systemic practices amongst parents and carers, practitioners, senior leaders, and funders, as necessary conditions for achieving system change at scale.  

Many of the desired qualities and behaviours that we are seeking are difficult to capture or quantify through conventional approaches to evaluation.  With this in mind, we adopt a participatory and embedded approach that enables us to track our learning, so that we can amplify the practices we find to be effective and adjust our course where needed.  We call this approach ‘Grow as We Go’.  

Our approach blends local largely qualitative and participatory data collection and analysis with System Dynamic modelling, exploring how things are connected and how they change over time because they are connected.  

We have a series of update reports and literature and practice and policy reviews written by the Learning Partner team who have an embedded role alongside the work of WM2U and lead the development of the Learning Framework that shapes and articulates the vision of WM2U.

If you would like to learn more about this approach then please get in touch.


  • Codifying Our Learning To Support Scale

    April 11, 2024
    This paper sets out our current practice wisdom, learning from our ongoing learning and evaluation and supported by lessons from our literature and practice review. As with all transformation work, ours is an evolving model that is supporting our ambition to embed and scale this work deeply where we currently work and share with others who are interested in doing similar.
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  • Practising What We All Preach

    August 02, 2023
    WM2U and the Nest Wellbeing Group co-hosted a local “Grow as We Go” learning event in June 2023. The report highlights the importance of opening clear and constructive dialogues between communities, the families that live within them and service providers as a tool to enact useful change and provide ‘supportive support’.
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  • Where should we look for system change?

    August 01, 2023
    This learning report shares our thinking about how to measure and evaluate system change and offers emerging evidence of impact so far. This report prepares the ground for a report planned for June 2024 that will provide a fuller five-year retrospective account and evaluation of progress towards the desired outcomes.
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  • What Would Young People Like Adults To Know?

    July 01, 2023
    The “Hope-Hack” (Hackathon) was a full-day, large-scale event for young people held in June 2023 at Ayrshire College in Kilmarnock. This briefing is based on the perspectives of those adults that acted as facilitators and is designed to be shared amongst all those with an interest in enhancing the voice and agency of young people in East Ayrshire.
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  • In a Nutshell - Are We Making A Difference.

    In a Nutshell - Are We Making A Difference

    June 01, 2023
    What Matters to You (WM2U) and the Nest Wellbeing Group welcomed about 40 people
    who live or work in the area to a learning event, held at Netherthird Community Centre. We
    were pleased that lots of community members were there.
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  • Contributing to Systems Change

    Contributing To Systems Change

    March 02, 2023
    WM2U Contributing to Systems Change (March 2023)
    This is a short policy-oriented briefing that highlights the potential for a ‘WM2U approach’ to contribute to the practical realisation of the goals of public service reform.
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  • Our Digest of Practice Lessons

    Our Digest of Practice Lessons

    December 03, 2022
    Our Digest of Practice Lessons (December 2022)
    A short digest of the key elements from the Literature and Practice Review
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  • Literature and Practice Review

    Literature and Practice Review

    December 01, 2022
    This review explores national and international allied developments amongst those looking to achieve system change in policy and community contexts similar to those of WM2U. It provides a brief synopsis of initiatives or reports that are of most relevance or have been highlighted recently as being of likely interest, supplemented by several accounts of practice.
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  • Young Girl

    What Matters to You: How Do We Go To Scale?

    March 01, 2021
    This interim report sets the scene at an important juncture of the work of WM2U, to inform decisions about the future direction of the work. It draws on material from earlier reports dating back to the commencement of the work in early 2019.
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