Our Partners

Columba 1400

Together, Columba 1400 and What Matters to You are working to create the conditions needed to change systems.  Their work helps to inspire and is a catalyst to unlock the potential of young people and their important adults, including parents, professionals and social leaders. 

Columba 1400 are alongside families, practitioners and senior leaders creating space for them to recognise and believe that they can “be the change” for and with children and families. They act as a catalyst for deep collaboration across agencies with a focus on families, and the wider community by hosting spaces where people feel safe, valued and listened to. Values based practice supports us all to create the conditions for change within communities and those that live and work there.

Our Learning Partners

As learning partners for What Matters to You, Research for Real, Animate and Symmetric Scenarios work alongside us as we explore the difference we are making.  An important part of this approach is the co-creation of a Learning Framework that recognises different kinds of expertise, expectations, hopes and potential contributions to WM2U. The Learning Partners support our continuous and collective learning, reviewing existing and emerging evidence, and offering help to decide what to adopt, adapt or abandon. In this way we are generating insights into how to create more effective, earlier ways of supporting children and families and our progress towards the outcomes we are seeking.

The Learning Partner team are, Cathy Sharp (Research for Real), Jo Kennedy (Animate), Emily Whyte (Research for Real) and Douglas McKelvie and Donald Scott (Symmetric Scenarios).   In 2024, WM2U is also supported by Kerstin Jorna an analyst on secondment from Dundee City Council, with support from the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund.