Limited Conversation Is A Problem

Limited Conversation Is A Problem, Not Limited Information.

I am a housing team leader in Dundee.  I recently went along with some colleagues to a “Conversation Café” in Menziehill.  This allowed me to speak to residents and get ‘grounded again’ to see exactly what residents think about what is good and what could be improved about the services.  Personally, one of the biggest areas that came from the Conversation Café was how “limited conversation is a problem, not limited information”.  In the last year our three main offices have closed, and it has become a barrier to connect with residents. During the Conversation Café the residents told me about their challenges of solving problems online or via email. I have been given the flexibility from my manager to work differently and I feel supported to move forward and we have some ideas about using community centres and sheltered housing for resident meetings and drop-in sessions, including allowing tenancy officers to work remotely from within the community. I am hoping this will make us more visible and contactable as a housing organisation, and put residents at the heart of our work.