Where We Work

Currently, What Matters to You is based across communities in Clackmannanshire, Dundee, and East Ayrshire. Our Project Coordinators, Geoff and Fiona, work alongside  families, young people and practitioners to foster a passion for change, by truly understanding what is important to us and to believe that change is possible.

Our approach to change uses the voice of families as a touchstone and that they are experts in their own lives. We believe that  families and local practitioners can together offer new insights in relation to how we support families within communities. We are confident that it can be adopted and adapted by a whole range of existing and new services and community activities. Helping to make systems work better for the people they are there to serve.

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Your experience of WM2U

It was more about what my partner got out of it. He doesn’t like talking and communicating with people….seeing the way he was at the end of it – he was so happy . He loved being part of it. It just made me see the difference it could make to people. They didn’t judge him, they involved him, they didn’t force him to do things. I just loved how understanding they were. For some reason people, just felt like they could open up in their own. It just felt like you were with friends.

With my daughter we have come on so much. The difference is our relationship is amazing. In the beginning it was the school I had approached about (her). I thought something was happening and I needed help. The school made me feel like it was my fault. When I started the Columba group there was no judgement there, just understanding and kindness. They have just been there all the time when I needed anybody, and I think it is great.

Listening to other’s stories, it has been amazing – it just broadens my mind more. It gives others the capabilities to realise that there is more to them than what they think and what they see. It boosts their confidence.