Being alongside families

We all know how we feel when we are loved, listened to and alongside people who care. 

By simply being alongside families we can see and feel the importance of having human connections. Some families have very little family supports or friendships groups and can therefore be very isolated. They may face hardships or difficulties alone without understanding that other people are in the same situation. 

We all believe in caring for others and by simply listening and getting to know people, we start to understand what matters to a family within the local community.

We want to truly understand what flexible support looks like for you and your family in your community. What do you want to see in your area for families that would help to avoid tough times? 

We want to work towards solutions together with those in posts who can make the changes. WM2U is an approach, it’s a way of being which is kind, approachable, non-judgemental, relational and trusting. 

How do we create the best place to live for families in your community? We all want the best for our children and families and together we can see change. Let us see change!

Let us see change!


WM2U is about building a more caring and responsive community approach to change through relational working. The WM2U team take a strongly relational approach that relies on their ability to build trust and create the conditions in which people feel able to participate alongside others, whom they may not know. This work of building trust is intensive, personalised and collaborative. This is about contributing to building the kind of country that cares and works together to best support the needs of families. 

There has been considerable investment by the coordinators in ongoing engagement with people who often feel they do not have a voice and with locally based professionals and local voluntary and community sector organisations. Through their approach, the coordinators have developed greater clarity about what WM2U is trying to do and have been able to build authentic trust and a sense of shared purpose, hopefulness and possibilities.

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