“Families Together -Tullibody Parents”

Families Together Picnic
Area: Clackmannanshire Local Area
Topic: Activities/Events Parents/Families
Audience: Families

The Link was created in August 2018 to create a safe and inclusive environment for families to work in Abercromby Primary school with their children and to strengthen links between children, families and staff. 

One of the most popular and warmly appreciated projects at ‘The Link’ has been the family cooking groups that have been delivered.

With a strong group of parents coming to the fore with a desire to see these activities reinstated and developed further WM2U is delighted to be working with the parents on their project “Families Together -Tullibody Parents” 

With the support of WM2U and the Clackmannanshire Council Family Wellbeing Partnership, one of the first events to bring familes together was a succesful end of term picnic which attracted over 200 people including parents, grandparents and smaller siblings. Eeryone had a great time playing games, eating and chatting together.

"Thoroughly enjoyable, fabulous event with great community spirit."

Once the school returns after the summer break,, plans are already in place for WM2U to begin deeper engagement with parents about how they can take on greater ownership and work on provising solutions for issues in the community which matter to them.

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